CD, meta46, EAN 4260005960464 / CX2
Jazz, rec. 2008, Meta Records

VEIN: Michael Arbenz piano / Thomas Lähns bass / Florian Arbenz drums

Tracks: Ligeti Eats Spaghetti (F.Arbenz), Groove Defect (M.Arbenz), Transubstantiation (M.Arbenz), Funky Monkey (M.Arbenz), Mentor (F.Arbenz), Crossing Lines (F.Arbenz), Face Time With a Blues (F.Arbenz) meta 046

  1. Ligeti Eats Spagetti
  2. Groove Defect
  3. Transubstantiation
  4. Funky Monkey
  5. Mentor
  6. Crossing Lines
  7. Face Time With A Blues