Mischa Schumann
Move Change Resolve (Special+ Edition) NEW

CD, wis5044-CD, wismART, EAN 4025083504425 / DX2
Jazz, 2024, Label: WismART (DE)

Mischa Schumann piano, compositions w/ Giorgi Kiknadze bass, Heinz Lichius drums /// Das Programm erscheint als Special+ Edition, wahlweise 1. als CD, 2. als 16 S. Digisleeve mit MusicDownload, 3. digital (exklusiv bei Bandcamp)

  1. Coming from - Going to
  2. Moving back - Staying there
  3. Moment of change
  4. Faced with a choice
  5. Conciliation
  6. Off that point
  7. Don't walk
  8. Never stand still
  9. Invisibles
  10. Fuse however fade
  11. Beyond the unknown
  12. When you stay with your dreams

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