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Marc Secara / Berlin Jazz Orchestra / Jiggs Whigham
You're everything

CD, nrw4033, EAN 4025083240330 / CX2
Jazz, © 2008

Berlin Jazz Orchestra: Jiggs Whigham (cond, tb), Marc Secara (voc), Jonas Schoen, Jeanfrancois Prins, Nico Lohmann, Juergen Hahn, Claus Dieter Bandorf, Nik Leistle, Thomas Walter

  1. Save Your Love For Me (Solo Jeanfrançois Prins)
  2. The Nearness Of You (Solo Jeanfrançois Prins)
  3. She's the one (Solo Nico Lohmann)
  4. Alone Together (Solo Jiggs Whigham)
  5. Bitte Geh Nicht Fort
  6. You're Everything (Solo Jonas Schoen)
  7. A Child Is Born
  8. Little niles
  9. Waltz for Debby (Solo Jiggs Whigham)
  10. Open The Box (Solo Juergen Hahn, Jonas Schoen)
  11. Pennies from heaven
  12. Sylvia (Solo Jiggs Whigham)
  13. The Masquerade Is Over (Solo Claus Dieter Bandorf)
  14. Out of the hush (Solo Nik Leistle)
  15. But Beautiful (Solo Thomas Walter)