Jon Balke
Say And Play (w/ Batagraf)

CD, ecm2245, EAN 0602527804903 / DX2
Jazz, 2011, ECM Records

Balke, J. piano, keyboards, electronics, tungoné, darbouka, percussion, Helge Andreas Norbakken sabar, gorong, djembe, talking drum, shakers, percussion, Emilie Stoesen Christensen vocals, Erland Dahlen drums, Torgeir Rebolledo Pedersen poetry reading

  1. Baka #65
  2. Everyday Music
  3. Riddle #1
  4. Calmly
  5. Vjup
  6. Tonk
  7. The Wind Calmer
  8. Riddle #2
  9. Azulito
  10. Hundred-Handed
  11. One Change
  12. Winds
  13. GMBH

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