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Art Ensemble Of Chicago
The Third Decade

CD, ecm1273, EAN 0042282321329 / DX
Jazz, (c) 1985

Lester Bowie trumpet, flugelhorn, bass drum, cymbal rack / Joseph Jarman saxophones, clarinets, flutes, conch shell, gongs, congas, tom-tom drums, whistles, bell rack, siren, bike horns, bass pan drum, synthesizer / Roscoe Mitchell saxophones, flutes, clarinet, conga, gongs, glockenspiel, whistles, bells, pans, bike horns, dinner chimes, wood blocks / Malachi Favors Maghostut string bass, percussion, melodica, bass pan drums, electric bass, cymbals, belafon, cans / Famoudou Don Moye sun percussion, trap drums, bendir, bike horns, whistles, congas, djimbe, djun-djun, donno, bongos, tympani, chekere, conch shell, long horn, elephant horn, gongs, cymbals, chimes, wood Blocks, belafo

  1. Prayer For Jimbo Kwesi
  2. Funky AECO
  3. Walking In The Moonlight
  4. The Bell Piece
  5. Zero
  6. Third Decade